Limited Collection ON SALE!


It's now time to represent our sport (SWIM), amazing coaches (COACH), and the individual medley (I.M.) swimmers proudly!

United We Swim

If there is anything 2020 taught us, it's that we're stronger together. As swimmers and as human beings, we wanted to create something that shows our pride in what we do and what we represent. With an intricately designed American Flag, using lane lines, blocks, and flags, this design is perfect for you to show your support of your sport and your country. What better to wear during an Olympic Year!


Swimple Collection

Swimming, made simple! Inspired by our original hat collection, the Swimple collection is as simple and fun as it gets! Represent your favorite strokes, in a combination of your favorite colors, for a look that pairs well with anything! Super comfortable for any occasion, whether hanging out at home, with friends, or for throwing on right after a race or practice!


Swim Swag Swimple Collection

"Established" Collection

A design with a little more finesse and detail, the Established collection throws it back to the year when your favorite stroke was invented! If you're looking for something a little more classic, this is collection for you! It also pairs well with anything, whether you're out and about with friends or want to throw on something stylish on your way to the pool!


"Stroke PRIDE" Collection

Here at SwimSwag, we're all about love. Love for our strokes, our sport, and one another. Playing off the classic rainbow colors, the PRIDE collection cannot help but put a smile on your face and love in your heart! Represent your love for your strokes and one another in these colorful and beautiful pieces.


Kids Collection

Swimple, for kids! You asked, and we made it happen! Now offering our classic Swimple collection and Established collection in kids sizing, so that your favorite young swimmer can represent their favorite stroke with just as much honor and style as you do!


Happy Swimmers

BACK, FLY, and FREE hats just got in! I was that IM'er that couldn't do breaststroke...I know I'm not the only one : ) THANK YOU SWIM SWAG!

Angela K. (Texas)

My Swim Swag SWIMPLE hoodie is the bomb! The green/cammo looks amazing. Also snagged a Swim Mom shirt for my mom... THANK YOU!

Alan M. (Tennessee)

I absolutely LOVE my Pink BRST & BACK hats! Have been rocking them on the pool deck everyday!

Coach Sarah (Florida)